Facebook Pixel Code Important Links

Facebook Pixel Code

Facebook Pixel Code has been one of the most important javascript codes designed by Facebook to track various occurring events in your online store or website.

When running ads through Facebook it is obvious that you want to track the visitor’s activity that visits your website and wants to buy something. In the Facebook pixel code provide your full track analysis activity which you can use to filter your ads and target your customer and maximize the chance to convert those to potential leads.

Facebook pixel installation is very easy if you are not a developer/code you can easily integrate it just by pasting below code on your website’s header section and get started quickly. It will start tracking your number of pageviews on a daily basis which has been redirected to your site from Facebook.

There are many other events like add to cart, initiate checkout, Complete Registration so, in these case you have to be a bit technical to integrate these code to your online store/website and here the role comes of developer/coder which help you put all these things properly to your store but, this could be little difficult as you have to compromise with cost and time both and you did not know where exactly the code start malfunctioning.

To Avoid these we have extract list extension that you can use for your store and do the setup very quickly which is cost-effective as well as bug-free:

1. Opencart: You can visit opencart marketplace and download the Facebook pixel code extension or else if you still need the same in a low cost you can visit purchasetheme.com from where you can download the extension for your opencart store.

URL: https://www.purchasetheme.com/product/facebook-pixel-code-track-conversion-free/

Cost: $21 (FREE Installation/Support)

Facebook Pixel Code

Facebook also provides the free extension but it is not successful as there are still a lot of bugs and it overwrites the default files.

2. Shopify: Facebook Pixel Code in Shopify is enbuild so, you don’t have to purchase it separately setting a section you can find and add your Facebook pixel code which is capable of tracking all the major events.

Cost: FREE

3. WordPress: To download the Facebook pixel code for WordPress you can download the free extension from the marketplace but, again the same issue it is yet now successful. In this case, you can contact a good vendor that can help you out to configure the same.

URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/official-facebook-pixel/

Cost: FREE

4. Prestashop: Prestashop is the most widely used eCommerce platform. If you want to download any module you can visit their marketplace and easily find the same. Facebook in Prestashop can be installed using the link given below.

URL: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/16499-conversion-pixel-tracking-custom-audiences.html

Cost: $49.99

5. Magento: Magento is the strongest framework which is accepted by bigger market players to put their product online. In Magento you can find Facebook pixel code which is free but, you have to pay for the installation separately which is $25.

URL: https://marketplace.magento.com/remmote-remmote-facebookpixel.html

Cost: FREE ($25 Installation)

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